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Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is typically applied to the exterior of a vehicle. it works by creating a hydrophobic barrier on the surface of your paint. This barrier repels water, dirt, and other contaminants. The coating also makes it easier to clean your car and keeps it looking shiny and new for longer.

Our Excellent Ceramic Coating In The Market

Ceramic coating  is one of the coolest, finest and most advanced produts on the market. it was first developed for the military to protect helicopter blades from corrosion. The technology was later adapted for use in automobiles. Ceramic coating Knoxville TN applications are now a popular aftermarket product that are also used to protect cars from the elements and keep them looking new.

Ceramic coating are hydrophobic, which refers to how water contaminants interact with the vehicle surface. Typically, focusing on the ability of water and dust particles to rest and stick to a surface, Ceramic coatings create an invisible protective layer that encourages water and dirt to bead up and roll off the surface. This self-cleaning effect is one of the main benefits of Ceramic coating Knoxville TN. Because the hydrophobic layer protects the paint, it also helps to preserve the vehicle’s color and finish.

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Ceramic Pro Ion

The Next Evolution In Surface Protection Technology
Ion Base Coat Socal Detail

The first stage of the ION Coating is the Base Coat. This coat provides a solid primary layer of protection that fills microscopic imperfections in your vehicle’s clear coat. It is resistant to oxidation, corrosion, abrasion, and UV damage.

Ion Top Coat Socal Detail

The second stage of the ION coating is the Top Coat. This coat helps activate the ION exchange reaction. This provides superior hydrophobic properties and increased chemical and abrasive resistance.

Ceramic Pro Ion Knoxville TN

Our ION Packages

Ceramic Pro Knoxville Ultimate Ion Package
Ceramic Pro Knoxville Ion Package
Ultimate Vehicle Protection

The Finest Ceramic Protection

Our Elite Ceramic Packages are the most comprehensive surface protection packages on the market. They include everything you need to keep your vehicle looking its best. Our team of experts will start by performing a thorough wash and decontamination of your vehicle. Once the surface is clean, we will apply a ceramic coating knoxville TN to your vehicle.

Ceramic makes a wide variety of products including Ceramic Pro 9H, the most durable ceramic car coating out on the market. This product helped put Ceramic on the map in the auto industry. Ceramic  Rain will add a hydrophobic coating to your windows, Ceramic  Light for an additional layer of protection, Ceramic  Sport for a glossy hydrophobic coating, and Ceramic Wheel & Caliper to protect your wheels.

Whichever level of protection you need for your vehicle, Ceramic Pro Knoxville has you covered!

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Ceramic Pro offers the most durable coating on the market. It is resistant to fading, scratches, and corrosion. Ceramic can be used on a variety of surfaces including cars, boats, bikes and even tools. Ceramic is a great long-term investment that will give you peace of mind knowing your vehicle will be protected by the best. 

Ceramic Pro isn’t a one-time solution. Ceramic is a long-term investment that will protect the finish of your car for many years. Ceramic  warranties last for years depending on which product you choose.

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Our coatings are easy to maintain and provide years of protection against the elements.
The great news is you will not have to spend much time drying your car with a ceramic coating. After using a touchless carwash and driving home you will notice most of the water slid right off. If there are any spots leftover you will use a soft automotive drying towel or plush microfiber. Same with home washes. We do sell these products in-house. You can also use a leaf blower.
Use a quick detail spray and a plush microfiber to wipe away small spots. Any droppings left for extended periods can damage or etch clearcoats and ceramic coatings.

48 hours for a touchless or brushless wash.

2 weeks for a contact hand wash. This is due to the ceramic needing to cure or harden.

Ceramic Pro is applied by a professional detailer. The detailer will clean the car and then apply the coating. It usually takes two to four hours to apply the coating.

You can still do a home wash with a soft wash mitt and proper drying towels. As long as non-abrasive tools are used. We can recommend or sell you our recommended products.

Due to water recycling requirements and the lack of washing off the brushes even closed-cell foam can introduce swirls to your car’s paint. Ceramic coatings can help protect against this but can still be damaged and void your warranty.

Pick the option that does not spray wax or sealants onto your vehicle. This is typically the cheapest option. You are now spending less money cleaning your car and you do not have to clean it as often.

Yes, you can still use a car wash as long as it is a “touchless” or a “brushless” car wash. Many gas station car washes typically do not have brushes. There are more available than you might realize and we can provide you with a list of them in your area.

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Ceramic Pro Knoxville is the perfect choice if you are looking for top-quality detailing services that use the best products, offer convenience, and are affordable. Our team is made up of dedicated and experienced professionals who will treat your car like it were their own. We also offer a warranty that ensures you get the best service. Contact us today!

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